2016 The building area of company reached 3,000 square meters. Youmijia trademark were registered successfully,which was named as  Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise .

2018 We achieved annual triple sales and successfully signed the contract with Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics.

2014 The first curved screen vacuum lamination machine was developed, which affected the entire same industry. Its eight core technology patents were passed.

2013 The first automatic separator and automatic glue removing machine was developed by the company, with an annual sales of 5,000 units.

2012 The first bubble free vacuum lamination machine was developed and market share were quickly occupied.

2015 European Union CE safety certification was passed. Our products began to enter the European market, and were exported to over 50 countries.

2017 We had signed contracts with many well-known companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Foxconn,Lance and BOE etc.

The driving force for all development of the company is from our higher requirements for products and our customers' affirmation to us.


Trademark Certificate

Quality build the brand,our responsibility make better future